Connectivity Technology

Connecting to the network only on the current coverage

With Home Network™ High-Speed Internet, you're always connected to our reliable network. Plus you can choose from a wide range of available speeds. Home Network™ is continually expanding our Fiber Internet network that will deliver Internet speeds up to 10 Gig.

The speed of data transmission on optical fiber channel hundreds of times higher than a modem connection and ten times higher than Dsl-speed channels.

Connection fee

Connection fee is 0,01 UAH with TAX.

The cost of services includes standard connection:

  • Real Ip-address for communication equipment company "Home Network";
  • cable length required (Ethernet, UTP 5th category);
  • Work on laying of cable communication equipment of our company to your apartment and entering the apartment (cabling in the apartment is not included);
  • setting one of your computer with the Windows operating system for the Internet.

Each subscriber has a:

  • Unlimited access to the Ukrainian and foreign segments
  • personal statistics access;
  • qualified technical support
  • e-mail box

The validity of the package and payment:

  • Validity of a package of 30, 180 or 365 days from the date of activation, depending on the selected tariff plan. 31, 181, 366 yb day is the day of the start of the next packet. At the time extension package fee deducted the entire amount, according to the chosen tariff. If on account of insufficient funds, an automatic shutdown.
  • To avoid disconnection you must carry out the payment in advance (at least 4-5 days before the start of your tariff).
  • 7 days before the expiration of your package at the contact e-mail, comes a message to refill.
  • The abundance of your balance you can check online statistics in "financial prosperity".

How to change tariff:

  • To change tariff you can on personal page
  • Change your tariff for the next month is conducted free of charge!
  • Application for change of subscription for the next month is made at least one day prior to its occurrence.
  • The new tariff takes effect after the current billing period at the time extension package.

Your username and password for the site statistics specified in "Card Caller".

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Supposed individual computer use, resale or free provision of services to third parties is prohibited!