1. Question: What is login?
    Answer:: Login is your unique identifier, which makes it possible to protect the connected computer from unauthorized access to the network by another person. When registering on the network, you assign a login and enter a password known only to the person you allow to use the network from your computer.

  2. Question: What is bilingual system?
    Software product designed to display the current tariff, change of tariffs, statistics of payments and receipt of invoices.

  3. Question: What is traffic?
    Answer: Traffic is the amount of information coming to your computer from the network and sent from it to the network. Every time you browse the Internet, a certain amount of information comes to your computer, measured in bytes.

  4. Question: What is incoming and outgoing traffic?
    Answer: Incoming traffic is an amount of information that comes on your computer from net, outgoing traffic is the amount of information that goes out from your computer into net.

Technical questions

  1. Question: What if I have more than one computer?
    If you have more than one computer, i.e. You have built a local network, then you can use one personal account for several computers, but you will only have one IP address. To organize the network, you buy and install additional equipment - a router that connects the cable, and from it, you already connect the other computers. Alternatively, you can use a different, somewhat cheaper way to turn on, by installing the 2nd network card in the 1st computer and the corresponding configuration of the main computer. Thus, the 2nd will go to the network and the Internet through the 1st. In case you want a second connection made by our specialists - this is formalized as a new connection with a new contract, an IP address, and a login in the billing.

  2. Question: Can I install wireless Internet access?
    : You can, but for this you need to buy additional Wi-Fi equipment yourself, better Dlink, which is installed next to the power point, it includes a cable (twisted pair), and the apartment Internet works by radio signal.

  3. Question: What are the system requirements for Internet connection?
    Answer:: They are the working computer with an operating system installed and without viruses, a network card (adapter).

  4. Question: I periodically lose contact with the network, although the tariff has not yet expired, and on the phone, I was told that the connection with my computer is stable. What is the reason for the failures?
    There may be several reasons:
    а) Poor contact in the network card slot. The most common cause of unstable communication is poor contact in the network card slot. This happens if you accidentally hit the wire. The connector may remain in the connector, but the contact will be lost. To solve this problem, completely remove the connector from the connector and reinsert it until it clicks and pull it back slightly.
    б) Hardware and software failures on the client's machine. Try turning off the computer (be sure to press the power button), and then turn it back on. If the connection has appeared, then most likely the cause of unstable communication is hardware (hardware conflict) or software (caused by some program) failures on your computer. In this case, we recommend that you call a support specialist to set up your computer or try to do it yourself.
    в) Firewall. If you have several computers connected to each other on a local network, then most likely you have a special program to protect against unauthorized access - a firewall. Such programs require very fine tuning. An improperly configured firewall may cause a failure in the Internet. To resolve this type of problem, contact your network administrator.

  5. Question: Why does not the real speed correspond to the tariff rate?

    • 256 Kbps, therefore, the speed of reception / transmission: 32 KB/s;;
    • 512 Kbps, therefore, the speed of reception / transmission: 64 KB/s;
    • 1 Mbit / s, therefore, the speed of reception / transmission: 128 KB/s;;
    • 20 Mbit / s, therefore, the speed of reception / transmission: 2500 KB/s;
    • 50 Mbit / s, therefore, the speed of reception / transmission: 6250 KB/s;
    • 100 Mbit / s, therefore, the speed of reception / transmission: 12500 KB/s.
  6. Question: What factors influence the download speed?
    The speed is influenced by:

    • - Download the channel to the server from which you download the file;
    • - Download the server from which you download the file;
    • - Speed limits imposed by the administration of the server;
    • - The protocol used for data transmission;
    • - Computer hardware, including processor speed, the amount of installed RAM, free space on the hard disk;
    • - Computer software - applications running simultaneously with the Internet require a certain amount of resources.
  7. Question: What is a network card and which one to choose?
    : Before you run to the store, make sure that you do not really have it - most modern computers contain a network card integrated into the motherboard. It must be called an "Ethernet adapter", a "network adapter" or something similar. Visually, it can be detected by a connector resembling a telephone socket, only for 8 contacts, and not for 4. If your computer does not have a network card, you can buy almost any card. The required characteristics sound like this: "RJ-45 connector, speed - 100Mbit / s, interface - PCI". A cheap card of this class in stores costs 130-140 UAH. Buying an expensive one has no sense.
  8. Question: Does the operation of the equipment depend on voltage surges?
    Answer: If you know that there are electrical outages in your village / house and / or power is jumping, you need to install an uninterrupted power supply, otherwise it is possible not only to deteriorate the quality of communication, but also damage to the equipment. The cost of an uninterruptible power supply is about $ 100.

Questions about mail

  1. Question: I use smtp server mail.domashka.net, why when I try to send an email with the return address ivanov@mail.ru mail is not sent?
    Answer: You cannot send mail from a non-assigned address, in order to secure the address you need, go to the mail then in the settings, in the profiles tab add your email (in your case ivanov@mail.ru).
  2. Question: Why cannot I enter the mail, the web form?
    Answer: To enter the mail, enter your full login, including @ domashka.kiev.ua

Other questions

  1. Question: Is it possible to postpone an unused day, a week ... for the next billing period?
    The days you have not used for the next period are not transferred, and no compensation is provided. You always have the option to choose the activation date of the next tariff plan (simply not paying it), or temporarily suspend services (informing us about it in writing). At the same time, money written off from your account is not transferred or recounted.

  2. Question: Where can I pay for the Internet?
    You can pay for services in any bank / fast payment terminal / in the personal account of the subscriber.

  3. Question: Is it possible to connect a legal entity to the Home Network?
    Home network "provides services only to individuals.
    But the partner company "SKIF" will do everything possible to help solve this issue.

  4. Question: How can I check the time of my package of services activation, the start of the next one and whether the money arrived to my account?
    Answer: You can control all options such as start (activation) of the tariff, incoming to the account and writing off the account on the page of your
    personal statistics.

    *Login and access password you get when you connect (addition to the contract №3 - Subscriber card).

  5. Question: How can I change my tariff?
    Answer:You can change your tariff plan by yourself from your personal page. In this case, it is necessary to take into account that the new tariff will come into force from the next accounting period.

    *In case of difficulties with the change of tariff, our employees are always happy to help you by phone (044) 238-81-93.

  6. Question: What are the dates to pay for the Internet?
    Answer: In all tariffs there is a prepayment, one billing period lasts 30 days. Further, it is necessary to pay 100% for the next billing period before the end of the paid period. Disconnection in case of non-payment is made on the day of activation of the next package. For example, your connection was made on August 10, 2008 – this is the day of the start. On that day, the amount of the subscription fee is written off and you work 30 calendar days. Day 31 is the activation date of the next tariff. In this case – September 9, 2008. Activation is automatic. While if your account does not have or not enough money, there is an automatic disable. This is a conditionally temporary disable in which the user under the contract can be no more than 90 days. After the end of this period, the company is entitled to terminate the contract without notice .

    *Seven days before the start of the next tariff, you receives an e-mail notification about the need to refill the account, and 5 days before you get a text massage (only if there is no necessary payment).

  7. Question: Where can I get a receipt?
    You can print it from the personal statistics office in the section of payment for services.